A Value Engine for the Art Industry


Insurance Companieswould significantly reduce risk by active monitoring for risk factors to prevent damage and losses to artworks


Banks and Financial Institutions: want a way to take a financial interest in an artwork, knowing they can track and know the status (condition, location, appraised value) of any artwork


Living Artists, Estates and Catalog Raisonnés: would like a method to track their works, connect with collectors and protect copyrights as their art moves to galleries, exhibitions, and is resold to new owners


Auction Housesneed a way to protect their warranties and track all art assets, and want a way to reduce the due diligence required for resale of the same assets. 


Collectors and Institutional Buyersneed a platform to transact easily and quickly,  with certainty about a work’s provenance, condition, title and authenticity


Museums: require a means to securely place works in  remote locations, allowing exhibits to be mounted in an efficient way worldwide with limited risk


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